Our company puts the together different skills of its employees: this value brings to the steady growth and the know-how at disposal of our customers.
Difar staff has always been focused on company values such as quality, customers care, transparency and team building.
Difar Consumer Care borns from the pride of these values and from the constant attention to the market development. Professional skills and passion are reflected into the products.

Difar Consumer Care merges the clear vision of the market and the ability to handle complex networks of sale in order to develop new products.

Our regulatory management and our marketing and communication are at the bottom of every owned brand and every product placed by national license.
Every new product, marketed as a medical product distributor, borns from technical knowledge, market analysis, careful naming and personalization.

The packaging design and the realisation of store materials helps to communicate our core message.

These factors together with business strategy which pay attention to our customers needs have strengthened over the years the knowledge of our products and the loyalty of our consumers.