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“Mattel Italia chooses Difar as national partner in pharmacy distribution for Fisher-Price brand”

“After a many years collaboration for southern Italy today Mattel has choosen Difar as main partner in pharmaceutical distribution for Fisher-Price.”


“Acetium® lozenge for smoking intervention will shortly be distributed in Italy within Difar Consumer Care® product division”

“Biohit Oyj and Difar Distribuzione s.r.l have signed an agreement for the distribution of the Acetium® lozenge in Italy.”

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“The innovative Cliner, distribuited in Italy by Difar Distribuzione, launches on the market”

“A medical device for the ear canal cleaning: safe, practical and efficient.”

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Diva e Donna – December 2018

“Blomdahl skin friendly earrings: brilliance earrings in medical plastic for your no-compromises beauty.”

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“All the joy of red”

“Vero – December 2018 all the pleasure of matching red with style.”

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Diva e Donna – Nuovo – Effe January – April 2019

“Floral and pendant earrings in medical plastic for a spring and colorful outfit.”

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